The steady stream of news about security breaches related to compromised email accounts shows no signs of abating anytime soon. With companies increasingly relying on email to perform important business functions, taking steps to secure your business-related email accounts has become a mission critical endeavour for many companies. Doing so […]

Best Practices for Email Security

Developments in technology have led to tremendous increases in the power and usefulness of mobile devices. SMEs can now benefit from remote operational capacity that previously only large corporations could afford. As convenient and helpful as such technologies can be, their use brings up security concerns. Securing mobile devices is […]

How SME’s Can Go Mobile Securely

With high profile hacking attacks making news worldwide, keeping tabs on the latest cybersecurity trends is an important task for SMEs doing business over the Web – which, in this day and age, is just about every company. To help you stay abreast of developments in the field, we’ve listed […]

10 Cybersecurity terms you need to know

A relatively new phenomenon involving malware and viruses is ransomware, where malicious outsiders implant a program in your computer that can prevent you from accessing your operating system or using your files. The hackers then demand a ransom in the form of payment to an account they designate to restore […]

Ransomware – Information and Protection