Blogging For Beginners Tips

In today’s digital world, one of the most powerful tools that businesses all over the world have at their disposal can all be summed up in two beautiful little words: “a blog.” According to Hubspot, marketers that use blogs receive 67% more high quality leads than those who aren't blogging. Likewise, marketers who make blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to generate a positive return on investment for their efforts.

One of the best ways to build a loyal following of customers is to establish yourself as an authority in your field and blogging is one of the most effective ways to do that by publishing high quality, helpful content on a regular basis. If you have decided to dip your toes in the proverbial waters of blogging, however, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Ask Yourself "How Can I Help?"

If you think that you're going to start a blog so that you can sell to your customers through a new channel, forget about it. Success in blogging is less about constantly pitching or the hard sell and more about helping your target audience in their daily lives. Provide some information or insight into an area they care about which can help them in their business, make their lives easier and more.

Find a Topic Area That Makes You Unique

One of the most important things that you can do to find success in blogging, whether you’re writing for your business or even just as a hobby, involves finding a particular topic that makes you unique. One of the great things about blogging in general is that it’s essentially free – with the right host and a little bit of dedication, you can have a blog up and running in no-time at all. Unfortunately, this means that there are a huge number of blogs out there and you’re essentially competing with all of them for the attention of readers around the world.

One of the best ways to standout in a crowded marketplace therefore becomes doing exactly that – find a particular topic or even a TAKE on a particular topic that very few people have already covered. If your business sells widgets and there are 1000 different blogs out there on the particular type of widgets that you sell and HOW they work, don’t be content with just becoming blog 1001. Instead, pivot a few degrees to the left or right and talk about great uses for those widgets in the home or how to fix those widgets if they’re broken. If you can find a way to make yourself unique, a large part of your work will already be done for you.

Find the Right Tone of Voice

Regular people (like the ones you're trying to reach with a blog) don't like pieces that are filled with corporate speak. They don't want to read a blog filled with jargon that sounds like it was written by a computer - they want to read things with emotion and with real gravity to them. Always try to find the right tone of voice for your audience for the best results.

Frequency Is Key

Another thing that you’ll want to keep in mind when you start out blogging is that your blog is a lot like an animal that is always hungry. You have to keep feeding it or, rest assured, it’s going to die.

One of the things that search engines like Google look at when determining how sites rank for certain keywords is the frequency at which they’re updated. This means that if you write one blog post a month you may eventually have a blog filled with helpful content, but you really aren’t doing your search rankings any favors. If you write one great blog post a week or even one a day, however, you’re much more likely to rank higher and develop a stable and strong audience over time.