Is IT support your weakest link? Time to phone a friend.

Outsourcing some of your IT functions can help launch exciting new businesses developments across your entire organization. 

Contrary to popular belief, the role of the IT department isn’t merely putting out fires. With the rise of Big Data and data analytics, IT has become an integral part of business operations again — one whose function is to collaborate with other departments rather than merely serving their operational needs.

Right now, however, your IT department may be your weakest link.

IT Can Help Your Business or Hold it Back

IT departments are experiencing growing pains. As they shift and try to adapt under a changing landscape of new technology, they may find themselves overburdened and stuck.

Across the globe, the role of IT is changing in dramatic ways. The entire industry is undergoing change (disruption, actually), so it may be hard for them to keep up. For instance, today’s data-driven marketing departments need IT to work closely with them in order to reach their goals. Another example of IT’s increasingly prominent role: they need to supply product development departments with detailed data on customer feedback and consumer expectations.

Many companies are coming to a crossroads and realizing their IT departments must evolve. If not, they could soon be holding things back for the rest of the organization.

That’s why it may be time to phone a friend.

Today’s ITaaS is Not Yesterday’s Outsourcing

First, let’s define what it means to ‘phone a friend’. We’re talking about getting outside help with your IT. Traditionally, larger companies have outsourced IT as a means of saving money. That’s been the norm for years now. According to a Deloitte survey, about 60 percent of all global outsourcing is IT outsourcing.

That tide is starting to turn, however, as IT as a Service (ITaaS) companies are changing the landscape for businesses of all sizes.

In traditional outsourcing, companies simply hand over entire IT operations to a third-party organization. With ITaaS, however, the company maintains tighter control over the processes and still makes important decisions. This way, the nuts and bolts of IT can be shifted to a third party but core IT operations remain in-house.

Phone a ‘Friend’ — What Can this Friend Do for Business?

ITaaS providers can actually help with top-level IT operations, too. Some offer advice: but the company is still in control of the decision-making process. See the difference?

Some can even act as IT consultants, helping your IT department managers form strategies. With most ITaaS providers, you choose the level of service that matches your company’s needs. Some can not only help with strategizing but also help you implement that strategy, too.

One very common form of ‘outsourcing’ in today’s digital, cloud-based environment is end-user support. There’s very little chance that this aspect of IT is going to affect business decisions and innovation.

After all, when someone gets locked out of their laptop, it doesn’t really matter who helps them get back in. The important thing is they have fast, friendly service when they need it.

Finally, data-center activities are also outsourced safely with no loss of innovative potential. Making sure the server is up and running is key, but it doesn’t really matter who does it. Why not free up staff and hand that over to an ITaaS company? That way, employees have more time to work on core processes that matter and which affect competitiveness.

That leaves us at an exciting place: when IT has the time and the energy to become innovative, your company will reap the benefits. Consider ‘phoning a friend’ and freeing up your staff (or yourself) with ITaaS.