8 Must-Have iPad apps for work for Executives

The increasing power and utility of tablets has not gone unnoticed by busy executives nor by app developers. The popular iOS features a substantial amount of apps designed to help businesspeople do their jobs better, whether by improving the data available to them, allowing them to accomplish tasks more rapidly, or via some other method. Below we’ve listed 8 of the best iPad apps executives can use for work.

1Password Password Manager

This popular app can generate and manage all your passwords with military level encryption. It autofills them for you on websites and apps with only a few steps. It can sync across all the devices you use. Additionally, it enables rapid access using TouchID. The app also allows you to establish personal and team vaults, allowing you to share selected passwords with team members. Click to find out more

GoodReader 4 PDF Manager

One of the best PDF reader apps around, GoodReader allows you to easily read and manipulate your PDF files. You can mark them up and annotate them with tools such as text highlights, pop-up text boxes, sticky notes, and geographic shapes. You can also use it to manage your PDFs by adding or deleting them as well as reordering pages or extracting pages to email if desired. Click to find out more

Word for iPad

Tablets have generally not been considered as suitable for doing much more than occasional word processing work. However, the Word for iPad app has made it much more feasible than ever before to do some serious work of this type on the devices. It features an optional Smart Keyboard that does a good job of modeling the look of a Macbook keyboard. It also retains much of the same layout as you are used to seeing on a laptop or desktop computer. Whilst the functionality is not as robust as on the computer version, it is nevertheless an app that allows for many essential word processing tasks to be performed on your tablet. Click to find out more


This trip planning app is especially suited for frequent business travelers. It helps manage all of your travel plans by connecting to your email and looking for confirmation emails sent by travel search and booking websites. This includes data related to renting cars, hotels, and restaurants. It uses this data to detail your itinerary, including maps, directions and information relating to check-ins. Tripit also can sync up with calendars and email your travel arrangements to clients or colleagues as is necessary. Click to find out more

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

The ability to access your desktop computer from any location can be valuable for any business executive. Splashtop 2 Remote enables this on your tablet by allowing you to access your files and programs, along with your favorite browsers, with total compatibility. You can also use the app to stream video and gain access to your media library. Setting up a single account offers you access to as many as five computers. Click to find out more


If you or your employees use mobile devices at locations with public wi-fi, using a VPN can help prevent outsiders from accessing private data being sent over such networks. TunnelBear is easy to use, requiring a simple tap to turn on or off. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it user-friendly even for your non-tech-savvy staff. Click to find out more


This is a handy app for marketing via social media. It lets you manage your social media accounts so that you can schedule posting times for content to be placed on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – all from a single interface. The app has been customised for use on an iPad, with social sharing functionality included. Click to find out more


This well-designed text editor for the iPad comes with a variety of useful features such as autosaving to the cloud using Dropbox. It isn’t as feature-rich as full profile word processor apps such as Word, but it is eminently suitable for those who prefer a more streamlined text editor for use on their tablet. Click to find out more


Tablets are increasingly used for business purposes, given their lighter form factor and robust functionality. The apps listed above can enhance your iPad’s usefulness for a wide range of business functions, from reading and editing business documents to safely accessing and sending data over the Internet from remote locations and much more.