The Best New Business Apps

Anyone involved in running a business knows how crucial technology is to keeping things running smoothly. In the past, computers were the primary engine for efficiency tools, but the debut of smartphones has created another source of productivity-increasing solutions – apps for use on smartphones. In this blog, we cover some of the best new business apps released recently.


Business users of iOS system users can benefit from this handy app which allows you to program a wide variety of instruction chains to automate your workflow. This can include collecting the emails of everyone you are meeting that day or making tweets about your daily activities. Workflow is compatible with apps such as Dropbox and Venmo. Its integration with iOS allows you to use the share sheet button to perform an action on a specified file in a different app.

The app has preset shortcuts allowing you to perform actions such as setting up an Uber ride to the next scheduled item on your calendar. You can download workflows from Gallery and adjust them at your discretion. You can also create your own workflows, such as setting up AirDrop memos or requesting money using Venmo. You could also use the app to find the locations of your meetings for the day and send them to your email. With more than 150 actions to choose from, the possible workflow permutations you can create are enormous. Click to find out more


Podcasts are a popular way to deliver information, both for business and entertainment purposes. This new app by the co-founder of Tumblr, Marco Arment, makes it easy to listen to podcasts. It is only compatible with iOS currently, so the Pocket Casts app is a better option for Android users. Overcast offers a functional design and can be downloaded over a cell phone connection. It has a sleep timer, and allows for playlists that contain more than five episodes. It features a top-notch processing engine that allows for quality playback as well as the ability to cut silences to speed up the listening process. Click to find out more

Simplenote for Android

This useful text-editing app for Android users serves as an extended running list containing all the notes you’ve added to it in black text with a white background. It is sortable using tags and selected notes can be pinned to the top. The app’s search function is powerful - your list is reorganized every time you type a character. The list is kept up-to-date via syncing with the Simplenote web service, with apps for a variety of services with backend syncs to the app. The app is simple, but does what it does well, providing an excellent resource for keeping your notes organized in one place. Click to find out more

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a powerful IM application with many potential business applications. You can send messages to one person or to large groups using text, emojis or video calls. If you go offline any messages you receive will wait until you come back online. The Hangouts app is included with Gmail, so all you need to do to use the app is to download it. It displays who is online at any given time and if they’ve read the last message you sent them. It also allows for the transmission of pictures. Its integration with the popular Gmail email service makes it a convenient method for adding IM capability to a business environment. Click to find out more

DashClock Widget

This widget for Android 4.2 devices goes on your home screen or lock screen. For busy businesspeople it has a number of helpful features. It offers easily scanned information that can be viewed on your device without the necessity of unlocking it. It displays items such as current weather information, how many unread emails and text messages you have, and scheduled appointments, among other things. The app supports extensions, allowing for even greater functionality from third-party developers. Click to find out more


With smartphones now an integral part of the business environment, a number of apps have been developed to make them even more effective in a business setting. The apps listed above can be used to improve the efficiency of operations that depend upon work being done in locations where smartphone use can be helpful.