The Best New Gadgets/Biz Tools

There’s more to high tech gadgets than fun and games. Some of the best new inventions in the field can be perfect for busy businesspeople who have too much to do and too little time to do it. The list below covers some of the best business-related gadget that have been released recently.

The Jawbone Era

This hands-free Bluetooth headset adds motion controls to its functionality, making it even more convenient than its predecessor. It contains a built-in accelerometer, allowing you to shake it for pairing with a mobile phone. You can also answer calls with a tap of your finger. The device’s noise cancellation features allow you to be heard even whilst you are out and about. High-definition audio helps to improve the audio experience. Click to find out more

Dash-i MicroSD Reader

The smallest external storage device available for iOS, this handy storage unit serves as a MicroSD card reader with unlimited external storage capacity. You can attach it to your key ring and transport it easily wherever you go. The reader is capable of supporting MicroSD cards of any storage capacity. It can also be charged whilst operating. Click to find out more


The Innov8 uses Ignition Boost Technology to make it the very first 8TB USB-CE-powered external desktop storage solution to enter the market. All you have to do is connect it and you are good to go. The device is easily transportable, and is able to store as much as 2 million songs, 4 million photos, and 800 HD movies.


These smart Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with an in-ear microphone system, allowing them to capture your voice from inside the ear. This reduces ambient noise by approximately 30 decibels, so you can hear and be heard in noisy areas. RippleBuds also allow you to listen to music sourced from your Bluetooth devices.

Wireless Glass Keyboard

If you’d like to see through your keyboard, perhaps to view a desktop calendar, this Bluetooth-enabled, Wireless Glass Keyboard fits the bill. It is equipped with touch-sensitive glass and features a full QWERTY layout. The keyboard is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X devices. It recharges using an included USB cable.

Fitbit Blaze

Running a business takes a lot of energy. If you can help stay fit whilst doing so all the better. The Fitbit Blaze is a smartwatch that can help you improve your fitness whilst staying connected to business associates via its notification functions. It also features Connected GPS, on-screen workouts, and other innovative features.

goTenna for texting

Texting has become common in the business world. It provides a convenient way to pass along a message without taking up too much of your time, especially if you are out and about. The goTenna device allows you to keep texting even if you are outside of your cell phone service area. The system works by connecting both you and a business associate to the service; once logged in, you can send texts within a four mile radius in the woods, and within a one mile radius in a city.


The power and convenience of smartphones has made them ever more useful for business users. Whilst the WonderCube is only three inches long it is the veritable Swiss army knife of smartphone accessories. It has eight different functions including a flashlight, an emergency charger, and a built-in cable. The perfect package for any smartphone user.


Hi-tech gadgets aren’t just for personal use anymore. Their enhanced functionality makes them suitable for a wide variety of business uses. The innovative tools listed above can help you keep in touch, get the most out of your smartphone, store your data, and stay fit whilst doing so.